Friday, October 10, 2014

Very Kind Of Them #26

En Français, on the crumbling public facade of Abenomics, courtesy Le Temps:

"'Abenomics', un programme qui rate ca cible"

What offends in the Abe Administration's approach to the Third Arrow is the absence of maths. In June, for example, we had 230+ ideas flung at us without the least estimate of the economic or budgetary consequences of the proposed actions. Unconscionable.


Toyotsu said...

There seems to be a problem with a link to the Swiss article; here it is:


MTC said...

Toyotsu -

Thank you for your suggestion. I can find no problems with the current link. When I click on it the article in question pops up. Your URL (yes, I did try inserting your URL into the hyperlink) sends me to a registration wall.