Friday, September 05, 2014

Original Tweets For 5 Sept 2014

- 7 days ago I tweeted that reporting on Dengue in Yoyogi Park was ignoring Meiji Jingu's being next door (J)

- Ms. Arimura Haruko, the new minister of women's affairs, opposes abortion, separate surnames + female emperors (J)

- Mission Accomplished: Yomiuri polling finds approval of new Abe Cabinet at 64% (+13), LDP party support at 46% (+8)

- Nikkei Won't Say, "Head Fake!": Keikyu Railways (9006) casino announcement seems just a way to goose share price (J)

- Nikkei: Kansai Electric to study decommissioning Mihama reactor No.2, entire power station in jeopardy (J)

- C. Wallace's dense and indisputable analysis of results of snap telephone polling done after the Cabinet reshuffle

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