Saturday, June 07, 2014

In Terra Australis

MTC is away from his desk, annoying the marsupials.

He will likely have something to say about

- the current status of the corporate tax decrease proposal

- the electoral significance of Ishihara Shintaro's ASSHAT (Ai Sarenai Shin Hoshu Aikokusha To) group of Liberal Democratic Party wish-they-could-bes

- existing home refurbishment

- a proposal to defuse the Senkaku Islands dispute

- the intra-coalition collective self-defense talks (oh, the parties agreed to agree on two of the painfully obvious gray-zone scenarios they were already in agreement about. Bully for them)

- the continuing tragi-comedy of the Kaieda Banri led-Democratic Party of Japan

- the real significance of the saw attack on members of AKB48

- the potential sale of Soryu-class submarines to Australia

- thoughts on why LDP conservatives obsess about ribenji poruno (and love to say the words "ribenji poruno")

- whether the attendance at the emergency meeting for reducing the consumption tax on newspapers and books says anything about who parliamentarians think are their most important constituents

- the advisory committee for the Tokyo Olympics, and

- the looming Third Arrow announcement, Version 3.0.

Just not right now.

Later - In comments I am told that the correct declension of the title is In Terra Australi


Anonymous said...

Ideally please also have something to say about the merger between the rump Isshin no Kai and Yui no To, and how many DPJ members they can attract.

Now that Watanabe's confined himself to the dustbin of history, there's even talk of merging with the rump Your Party as well.

The biggest obstacles to the merger of a grand anti-LDP coalition after all, has always been I-shit-hara (misspelling intended), Watanabe and the pro-Kaieda DPJ. With two of the three out of the way, we could be seeing things moving quickly.

All that's left is for the pro-merger DPJ members to quickly decide whether to leave their own sinking ship or not.

As for Ozawa, he's more or less been rendered as insignificant as the SDP, hopefully for good. Leaving only the JCP as the regular mavericks.

Hans Zillermann said...

I have been following your blog for some time now, it's my first choice when it comes to japanese politics. Maybe because I share the same views regarding the current state of the nation. Keep up the good work!

And, if my five years of Latin at school don't fail me: "In terra australi" is be the correct declension, ablativus loci applies.