Saturday, April 12, 2014

Meanwhile, Two Incredibly Smart Persons Writing Brilliant Stuff On Difficult Subjects

MTC auto-portrait, inadvertent.

If your are wondering what you must read on Japan, rather than what you should read, try:

- Any of Jo McBride's posts on Japanese economic and institutional investment policy at the dauntingly named Investing Japan's Institutional Capital blog. (Link)

- Professor Bryce Wakefield's lithe and readable exposé of the Abe Cabinet's contempt for constitutionalism and reasoned argument as regards collective self defense, with what has got to be the strangest URL of any academic paper on Japan ever. (Link)

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Bryce said...

Nice of you to say so, and given your magnanimity, perhaps certain hatchets should be buried.

The final product can actually be read here:

To be fair to the kind folks at the Wilson Center, the first part of the URL cited in your post is a glitch, an echo of another event at the center. The link to the original conference paper works just as well if you delete the bit before the first dot.