Sunday, February 02, 2014

What Japan-South Korean Relations Really Needed

I tend to shy away from the weird stories...mostly because the seemingly dull stories, upon examination, turn out to be tightly wrapped around a hard core of weird.

This tale of too few details, however, is just too weird not to forward:
Official found dead off Kyushu

KITAKYUSHU – A member of the Cabinet Office was found dead last month in a dinghy off Kitakyushu, officials of the 7th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters said Saturday.

The body of the civil servant, aged 30, was clothed in a black jacket and found with South Korean currency notes after the dinghy was located close to concrete wave barriers on Jan. 20. There were no noticeable external injuries on the body.

The 3-meter-long dinghy, which had a motor, was made in South Korea, according to the coast guard.

The coast guard said the man’s death is under investigation and that it is unknown whether foul play was involved. Investigators said the man probably died before around Jan. 13...

For those wishing to learn more (not that there is much more to learn), here is the link.

It is telling that when a real mysterious death of a government official turns up, the anti-Korean xenophobes -- who see spies and conspiracies everywhere -- are not all over the place with explanations.

I guess someone has to come out with a simple explanation ("He loved fishing") to attack before the crazies will speak up.

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