Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In Theory, Yes

From the comments section to "Japan Passes Draconian Secrecy Bill Into Law: Journalists, Whistleblowers are now 'terrorists'" over at Jake Adelstein's Japan Subculture Research Center:
Now, if someone says Abe is an idiot, they can be arrested and jailed for revealing state secrets.

The Special Secrets Protection Act does not come into effect for a while yet. So if you want to say anything resembling the above, feel free (and cherish that feeling) to say it now.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, that Abe is an idiot is a secret to no one.

MTC said...

Anonymously -

But what if, let's say, National Public Safety Commission chairman Furuya Keiji thinks that prime ministerial idiocy is a secret? Can he not, under the current legislation, class the state of idiocy (aho jotai) as a special secret, since it is not provably common knowledge?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps -- and in the inevitable appeal to the Supreme Court, they would simply uphold the state of idiocy (アホ状態) instead of agreeing that the PM was indeed idiotic (アホ).