Monday, November 11, 2013

Abe Names His NHK Governors - A Postscript

As it turns quite everyone is willing to let Abe Shinzo's choices for governors of national broadcaster NHK go unremarked:
"He seem to wants to have people who more closely adhere to his vision of the national polity (kokkazo). Prime Minister Abe is the first prime minister in history to so baldly interject [his vision] into the public broadcaster. I feel so sorry (ki no doku) for the viewers."

-- Kawasaki Yasushi, Professor, Sugiyama Jogakuen University, a former reporter for NHK

"We can see in this [set of governors] a posture of not including differing views...As the board of governors of NHK has broad authority, it is best that they have a higher regards of the viewers paying the annual fee..."

-- Hattori Takaaki, Professor of Media Law, Rikkyo University

Both quotes are from the Tokyo Shimbun of 9 November 2013, p.6

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