Friday, August 16, 2013

Readings On Abe Shinzo As Standard Bearer

Essential reading for a sense of Abe Version 2.0, what drives the folks behind him and the road to the end of the postwar era:

Linda Sieg
"Special Report: The deeper agenda behind 'Abenomics'" (Link)

Yuka Hayashi
Wall Street Journal
"In Quest for Japan's Revival, Abe Secures His Own Comeback" (Link)

Isabel Reynolds
"Abe Threatens Ministries With Power Shift Rivaling MacArthur" (Link)

The Japan Times
"Mr. Abe’s constitutional runaround" (Link)

The Economist
"Fishing Trips" (Link)

The Japan Times' editorial, for all its vim, actually understates the deviance of Abe's choice of an outsider to lead the Cabinet Legislation Bureau, Japan's de facto constitutional court. How many of Abe's predecessors have similarly chosen an outsider to lead the CLB? Zero, none.


stone said...

I hate Abe.

MTC said...

stone -

Hating is a waste of time and emotion.

stone said...

Yes, thanks for your tips. But I'm Chinese. I hate Japan , and I hate China too. I hate Chinese 's gentleman and maybe like a coward.