Friday, June 14, 2013

Abenomics -- A Tragi-comedy In A Series Of Desperate Acts

Jesper Koll will be at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo on Monday. Koll is an engaging and effusive speaker, his main fault being a Teutonic tendency to shout.

Unfortunately, he will be on a panel speaking on the topics of "Abenomics: A Story of Success or Failure?" (Link)

[Odd...when I was typing that phrase just now, the fingers went astray, typing out: "Abenomics: A Story of the Success of Failure"]

I would go to witness the latest iteration of the Koll spiel (We all remember his TED talk from last year, bullish back even before Abenomics started slapping us around, yes? -- Link- YouTube ) but "Dogpile on Koll" is tired even as a silly party game.

I hope the attendees leave him alone. He's a narrator, not a playright, after all.

There have been a lot of debates on Abenomics. There will be a lot more. The one I want to hear will explain how a government and a central bank of an advanced industrialized democracy with a shrinking population creates inflation in the real economy (the capacity to create asset inflation is proven) without going through the actual physical procedure of printing currency and leaving it out on the street for folks to pick up.

The enthusiasts have never explained that one.

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