Friday, January 25, 2013

On Fanaticism

A few weeks back University of Melbourne professor Richard Tanter wrote a Nautilus report on his attempt to shake the resolve of Koike Yuriko, the water carrier in Abe Shinzo's and the Liberal Democratic Party's efforts to promote women and women's issues.

Tanter's posting is deeply personal, which makes it a very hard read. (Link)

The hook is Koike's final brush off and the light her throwaway departing line shines upon fanaticism.

It seems that a fanatic, when confronted with an incovenient truth, finds solace and stability in confusing cause with effect.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean for the second link?

MTC said...

Anonymous -

Thank you for letting me know about the bad link.

I love Blogger; Amaterasu knows I do.

The inconsistencies of the input window can be frustrating, though.