Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bora lá Portugal!

Tiago Alexandre Fernandes Maurício and Rui Faro Saraiva are pair of Portuguese researchers at the University of Kyoto and Osaka University, respectively.

They are out to conquer the world. (Link)

The site currently suffers from occasional document embedding overloads and comment spam -- but these are just teething problems.

Amaterasu Omikami! What some people can do in their spare time...

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Jan Moren said...

"Consequently, under this new understanding all social realms are filtered through a security lens that connects even the most finite elements of a society (e.g. number of malnourished children, HIV/Aids infected individuals, percentage of women in places of responsibility) to societal level policies. All is security, and therefore nothing is security, as we end up being taken hostage by the realisation that perception and discourse, more than substantive metrics, determine that which constitutes a security issue."

I think I am most sympathetic to their cause. I am not sure, though, as I am unable to penetrate their prose on their own site. Of course I am not a social scientist nor a native English speaker so I could not expect to penetrate their incisive writings with the dull tools at my disposal.

Nevertheless, it would have behoved them, I believe, to perhaps add some kind of simple mission statement, declaration of intent or similar to their front page for simpletons such as myself. As it is I am frankly unable to decipher their work or determine whether I want to support them.