Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh, No. Not The F-35. Please, No

So it seems the Japanese government is set to announce a decision to acquire the F-35 fighter, seemingly out of stealth envy (J)* and the possibility of the consortium tossing Japanese defense contractors the opportunity to manufacturer some of the plane’s parts, with technology transfer (J).

So Japan hopes to replace its aging F-4 fleet with a plane that is still only in the prototype phase and has seen action only in a Bruce Willis Die Hard flick. At some hazy future date when the F-4s have to be replaced now (Even the usually gung-ho Sankei Shimbun has reservations about this point). At a price that is giving the Finance Ministry angina.

As the French might say, “Quel bordel!”


*Stealth technology? In an interceptor? Really? Is not the point for the other side, stealthy or not, to know you are there, waiting for them? Is there not some kind of doctrinal contradiction between Japan, an ostensibly peaceful nation, possessing have a weapons system whose main feature is the ability to attack, then sneak away, undetected?

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Anonymous seven said...

Because the F-35 is overladen with sophisticated and therefore fragile technology that probably would render it less than useful in all sorts of situations that resemble war, I see this as a cunning plan to strengthen Japan's status as a pacifist nation while pleasing the United States at the same time.