Thursday, June 16, 2011

Noda Gets With The Program

In line with the "Let's Make A Deal" phenomena I noted in yesterday's post, Finance Minister Noda Yoshihiko has put his own head up for sale:
Japan Finance Minister: Would Resign If Needed To Pass Bond Bill
Dow Jones

TOKYO --Japan's finance minister suggested Wednesday he would be willing to resign if that would secure passage of a crucial bond issuance bill needed to fund this year's budget, and which is at the heart of the current political standoff.

The comment by Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda came as a surprise, as he is seen as one of the most likely successors to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who made a vague promise earlier this month to step down...

Surprise? No! It is becoming a bazaar in there.

Note that the price of passing the enabling bond issuance legislation for Fiscal 2011 has dropped from a prime minister to a finance minister since the weekend. To be fair, the exchange rate was one bond issuance bill + a second supplementary budget for one prime minister, but clearly what the members of the opposition can expect to get in return for their votes in the House of Councillors is deteriorating.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think the ruling party is ready to go to war with the opposition in order to get its way? If so, it's bloody well about time!

MTC said...

Anonymous -

Going to war? No, more like playing with their minds. Offering up Cabinet resignations in exchange for votes in the House of Councillors -- it's crazy time.