Monday, November 15, 2010

Shimoji Lays Down His Marker

In a move that may very likely complicate the government's wish to abide by the May decision with the United States to replace the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station with a partially offshore facility to be built at the town of Henoko, Shimoji Mikio, the People New Party Secretary-General and Representative of Okinawa District #1 has endorsed Iha Yoichi for governor of Okinawa Prefecture. Calling the government's current plan for a Futenma replacement facility at Henoko "unrealistic," Shimoji has chosen to endorse the radical former mayor of Ginowan City -- home of the Futenma -- over the incumbent Nakaima Hirokazu. Shimoji, who earlier this year had himself offered an onshore plan for a Futenma replacement facility at Henoko, has given his nod to the candidate who has insisted that a replacement for Futenma cannot be built inside Okinawa Prefecture.

When a representative who is a member of what is ostensibly part of a ruling coalition picks sides, and he chooses the candidate who will not accept the government's current plan, the government has just one more problem that it did not need.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there is less here than there seems.

There is no love lost between Shimoji and Nakaima.

Thus not much of a surprise and unlikely to hold much political meaning. If anything, it is questionable that Shimoji's endorsement is a plus. He is pretty slimy and has his own financial interests.

Most likely he is jockeying for say in whatever happens next.

Anonymous said...

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Lalique said...

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Anonymous said...

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