Saturday, May 08, 2010

We Three Kings of Tokunoshima Are

Sacreligious. But fun.

As Japan's prime minister Hatoyama Yukio, here portrayed as the Virgin Mary (precious!) holds tight his newly hatched fukuan - literally, "belly plan" - regarding the closure of MCAS Futenma, the three mayors of the townships on the island of Tokunoshima, here dressed as the three Wise Men of East, present the fukuan and Hatoyama with their gift of the signatures of 20,000 persons (actually 25, 800) rejecting the redeployment to the island of any of the forces being dispersed from Futenma. "It is the spirits, the hearts and the civic will of the people of the island," says Isen Township mayor Okubo Akira, explaining the gift he holds in his hands.

For a straighter take on the story, go here. For the excrutiatingly awkward ANN TV report on the meeting of the four men, go here.

Image courtesy: Tokyo Shimbun

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