Monday, April 05, 2010

Why the Lines of Support Do Not Cross

Liberal Democratic Party President Tanigaki Sadakazu, making an unusual and possibly desperate appearance on the main NHK 9 p.m. news broadcast tonight, triggers the Thought For The Day:
The support levels for the ruling Democratic Party of Japan move in an inverse corrolation with the increase in perceptions of a ressemblance between it and the LDP.
Which goes a long way toward an explaination as to why the LDP is failing at the main role of an opposition party: to present an alternative to which the people can turn to when they get tired of the other party.

A paradoxical corollary: the man most the voters want as their prime minister, Masuzoe Yoichi, an LDP member, is popular precisely because he of all the main candidates is the one who is most clearly defining himself as being against an LDP style of leadership.

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