Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Pacific Age

Maybe this morning, as you drank your coffee, you looked out your window over the rooftops at a cloudscape tinged with golden light.

Perhaps that wild prediction you made actually panned out, despite what that loud-mouthed conservative moron said.

Perhaps you heard that someone you cared about had been in an accident. However, you got a call later saying that she was all right, just a little shaken.

Perhaps you read about someone doing a good deed.

Perhaps a not unattractive fellow passenger in the train looked at you quizzically for a moment, then smiled.

Too bad, because this photo essay is about ruin your whole day.

Link from Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution.


Katie said...

This hits me even harder now that I've moved back to the US from Britain. Now that I've lived in a place that is - comparatively - progressive about conservation, I am appalled at the sheer vastness of non-biodegradable waste here.

"one of the world's most remote marine sanctuaries" is no longer so far away from every continent's future.

Geez, I'm depressed. And it was such a sunny day!

Jan Moren said...

Life will go on.

Of course, after heavy pollution and mass extinctions it won't be life as we know it anymore. Apex species - of which we are one - are disproportionally hard hit by ecosystem changes, so chances are that life will go on, but with us as another remnant species.

So while life will go on, that is perhaps not as cheerful a thought as it may first seem.

Kyle Mizokami said...

Boy, you weren't kidding.

I joined the Coca Cola Facebook page just to post the link to the pictures. Several of the bottle caps are clearly from bottles of Coca Cola Classic.

Kyle Mizokami said...

Link removed within five minutes. Guess Coke's on top of their social media game.