Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Paris Vaut Bien Une Messe" - LDP Style

In case you missed it, Liberal Democratic Party president Tanigaki Sadakazu paid his respects at Yasukuni Shrine's autumn festival on Monday.

It had been three years and two months since a president of the LDP had paid a visit to Yasukuni...that LDP president being none other than the celebrated Mr. K.

Abe Shinzō did not go to Yasukuni while in office.

Neither did Fukuda Yasuo nor Asō Tarō.

Tanigaki...a lover of Chinese poetry...whose grandfather Major General Kagesa Sadaaki had been pulled out of China and planted on Rabaul by order of Tōjo Hideki for being too solicitous of the Chinese...

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Jan Moren said...

He needs to show his dedication to the nationalist wing of his party I guess. Without the glue of government power to keep the different political groups in check he'll have a full-time job just keeping the party together.