Monday, August 24, 2009

Premature Unsolicited Advice About A Cabinet Pick

In my dreams, following election to the prime ministership the Democratic Party of Japan leader Hatoyama Yukio picks Ren Ho for Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Choosing her would at once

- send a signal to the world that Japan has really changed, accepting not just a woman as the government's chief spokesperson and gatekeeper but a person of Taiwanese descent for those roles

- place in the position of Chief Cabinet Secretary someone who knows something about how to talk to the press and the public (Kawamura Takeo has been the worst government spokesman since...heck, I cannot even remember when)

- place at the Prime Minister Hatoyama's shoulder someone who is self-confident enough to grab him by the arm, guide him into a side room and chew him out for having said something something dumb -- which he will do, inevitably -- then walk out and deliver to the waiting cameras and microphones the clarification of the Prime Minister's howling stupidity ill-considered remark whilst flashing a 10,000 watt smile of utmost sincerity.

Tough as shoe leather she is...and whippet smart.

T'is a pity t'is but a dream.

This momentary reverie courtesy of this.


Anonymous said...

I can't find many articles or information about Ren Ho anywhere, can you recommend any further reading or blogs about her, or perhaps expand on what about her leads to the outcomes you list here? It sounds fascinating, but, eerily mysterious to those of us without any background knowledge of her besides the generalities found on the english web...

MTC said...

Anonymous -

I wish I could help you but I do not know of any English language material on Ren Ho.

Anonymous said...

Me again - would you mind doing a blog post about her and her history before the election for those of us without knowledge of her in need of english language posting? I will admit she sounds fascinating in the little bit of English material I can find, but, she also seems to have her critics out there. Nothing wikipedia-worthy in scope or anything, just a general write up of who she is, how she's done in government, etc. just stuff that would allow us to gain a familiarity with her (especially if she is your favorite to be the 'government mouthpiece'). I'm sure I'm not the only one out here that would appreciate it!