Monday, July 13, 2009


Only Amaterasu knows what would drive Prime Minister Asō Tarō to dissolve the Diet and call an election...

(Editor: Wouldn't be the threat of the passage of a no confidence motion in the House of Representatives?)

...but he has most certainly decided to do it.

The proposed date of the election is August 30, meaning that the candidates will be out on the streets campaigning at the absolutely worst possible time of year to be out under the unforgiving, empty sky trying to make contact with the electorate -- if the voters are even in their voting districts during the first three weeks of August at all.

The voters will be furious and vengeful.

Damnation Francisco! It is as though you were setting up your party for a fall out -- of spite.

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Anonymous said...

It seems now that Koga is to resign as Sentai Iincho. The LDP really are in utter and complete disarray.