Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Party is Over

This Cabinet, this prime minister, this party... es finito, Francisco.

Support for the Cabinet, in blue, according to this morning's Yomiuri Shimbun:

Support for the Cabinet, in red, according to the Asahi Shimbun:

19.7% supporting the Cabinet in the poll conducted by the loyalist Yomiuri. 72.4% opposed.

14% support in the Asahi poll. 73% opposed.

This is beyond ugly.

The Asahi finds an unprecendented 42% vs. 22% split in proportional vote preference in between the Democratic Party of Japan and the Liberal Democratic Party. The Yomiuri finds a similar 40% versus 26% split.

Heck, that is not a split -- that is a gulf. The DPJ has creamed the LDP in past elections when the polls just prior to election day had the LDP still slightly ahead. What kind of Amaterasu-awful thrashing is the LDP going to suffer in the next electoral clash?

As I told to Okumura Jun a few weeks ago, you can be dead certain that DPJ Leader Ozawa Ichirō is going to dump party rules and start putting receptionists, drivers --heck, anything in DPJ headquarters and offices with a pulse -- on the proportional candidate lists.

In a result that gives all persons resembling horned toads a reason to beam, the Yomiuri poll find an astonishing 40% of the populace thinking the little-loved Ozawa should be prime minister, while only 24% believe Asō Tarō should be.

Mere words cannot describe how bad these numbers are.

Might as well let the fat boy sing about it - about the cruel fate of the clown whose show must go on.

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