Friday, October 05, 2007

Straight from the U.S.A. - the Assassin's Friend

A slight detour from focus on politics and society...but among my other uneaten hats, I am from time to time tasked with taking a gander at what's being cooked up by the military research programs of the United States.

In the course of performing these duties that I ran across this little sweetheart. Not since the days of "Total Information Awareness" has there been a program that so loudly screams to me, "In the name of all that is sacred, do not even test the concept. Just delete the files, put a big 'April Fools' sign up and hope no one, no one ever took you seriously. The only secret left is that it can be done."

Click on the video link to see what I mean.

What a world full of angry, self-righteous, alienated and amoral individuals--not just terrorists, mind you, just persons who want somebody else dead--the last thing we need is a cruise missile system that can fit in a lady's purse.

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Christopher said...

"... can achieve the required terminal accuracy and carry sufficient warhead to defeat the target set..."

I have the nomination for this year's blather awards!

defeat the target set = terminate with extreme prejudice