Friday, September 22, 2006

Further Irresponsibility

I realize that in yesterday's listing of potential Cabinet and party post appointments, I left out some big fish.

Shimomura Hakubun - has been a long time Abe collaborator. He was up front, next to, behind and damn near on top of Abe during the campaign this summer. He has to go somewhere--but where? If he becomes the Justice Minister--he has already been Parliamentary Secretary at Justice--where will Abe stuff both Wakabayashi Masatoshi or the other member from the House of Councillors to be named later?

Yamamoto Ichita - another water carrier for Abe this summer, he deserves to be made Deputy Secretary General.

I also referred in my previous irresponsible post to the Three Cheerleaders. In truth, it should be the Four Cheerleaders - I forgot Ōbuchi Yūko.

Rumors about Ōbuchi being selected for a Cabinet post are not to be believed. How many times has she been elected to the Diet? Thrice.

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