Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Disdain in Kuala Lumpur, a photo essay

Photos courtesy of Reuters, AP and AFP.

"Hey Roh, did you hear the new Chirac joke? Chirac and Sarkozy are walking down the street..."

"Just then Sarkozy says, 'That's not the phone number of his mistress! Those are the GDP figures!"

"Gosh...at the G8 they loved that joke."

"Right, right, right...nothing is happening to my left. Nothing at all. The right side of the room is just so fascinating. Hmmmmm, end of the table down there...hmmm, just so interesting."

"Psst, Comrade Wen, you're showing your discomfort again. When you-know-who's in the frame with me, I just do my 'Dead Guy in a Light Green Tie' act.
Check it out."

"Ladadada, he's not here. Keep smiling...keep smiling...Keep facing right...He's is sooooo not here."

(This post edited on 2007/1/14 for greater clarity)

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