Friday, September 06, 2013

Measured Radioactivity In The Tokyo Metropolitan District

Via reader GK on Facebook, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government-affiliated English language site reporting the radiation levels in Tokyo, with links to the reporting by the waterworks and other monitors.

Measurement results of environmental radiation levels in Tokyo

Clicking on the link to Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Research Institute, for example, gives you access to the most recent (September 5) findings on radioactivity in atmospheric dust.

Nothing. No iodine. No cesium.

Of course, it was raining yesterday, meaning that there was probably little dust in the air to measure...

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David J. Littleboy said...

FWIW, the Japanese radiation standards really are quite low: about 1/3 the average background in New Jersey. In real life, diesel exhaust is a nasty carcinogen*. One would be better off living in the towns around the Fukushima reactors than Tokyo.

*: As an undergrad in the 1970s, I had friends working on this. They were bent out of shape because they knew that their results would never get published, since the US economy simply wouldn't work without diesel trucks for moving things around.