Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tanigaki Sadakazu, Candidate

Speaking of answered prayers, the very prominent candidacy of former Finance Minister Tanigaki Sadakazu for the position of president of the Liberal Democratic Party brought warm feelings to every LDP-hating heart. Nothing would more certain to spell the utter doom of the party than having Tanigaki, the master of nothing but disaster, as its president.

The old joke has it that "those who cannot do, teach" to which Woody Allen sagely added "those who cannot teach, teach gym." Sadly, I am convinced that Tanigaki-san could not teach gym.

The fun choice for reviving the party would be Kōno Tarō. He can talk up a storm in both Japanese and English; represents Kanagawa (tied with Chiba for the title of Japan's most disenfranchised prefecture); rejects nostalgia in policymaking and saved his sick father's life by donating to him part of his liver.

And he blogs too.

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Zach Baran said...

Wait, just for those playing along at home, why is Tanigaki the master of nothing but disaster?