Monday, August 08, 2005


Final tally :
108 Yes
125 No

Not even close to close!The valiant among the LDP of the House of Councilors sauntered to the podium in defense of the mythical yet strangely evocative "grandpa and grandma in the big woods" who would just shrivel up and expire without the postman bringing them their monthly pensions in cash....and in so doing condemned their brothers and sisters in the House of Representatives to certain doom.

The biggest, sweetest joke of all: Koizumi is still president of the LDP! He will be leader and standard bearer of his treacherous and corrupt horde 's pathetic, wild, firing-squad-in-the-round rigamarole of an election campaign. LDP dinosaurs and their lizard prince followers cannot do a thing in response except quit the party ...and that means a hearty goodby all that beautiful campaign cash.

This is going to be the greatest thing in Japan since curry rice.

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