Monday, February 18, 2013

An Exasperated Man

Okumura Jun emailed me immediately after I posted my little look at the assets of the members of the Cabinet. He assailed me for not explaining that the reported value of the real estate holdings was only the barest fraction of the actual market value.

I suggested post the formulae of the actual state of affairs.

He has obliged. (Link)


Anonymous said...

It's good that he did this. I did find it slightly odd that the "pauper Prime Minister" had only 16m and the decline was due to the value of his house.

I know that Japanese houses are pretty crap and depreciate at a silly rate, but his total assets + a house for that much ...

Anonymous said...

At the same time, I think your tally of Shimomura's bank accounts is one digit wrong. 200 million yen, or about 2.1 milion dollars, is not "small and sadly unimaginative" unless you are much richer than I imagined you to be.