Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How do I know they are managing the news? Evidence, my dear Watson. Evidence.

Hiranuma Takeo, the former LDP stalwart and the negotiator of the return of the Dirty Eleven to the LDP in November-December, suffers a stroke two days after the LDP decides to refuse his readmission to the party--and we don't hear about it for 40 DAYS?

Hiranuma in hospital after stroke

OKAYAMA (January 17, 2007) Takeo Hiranuma, a former minister of economy, trade and industry, was hospitalized for a stroke in December, his supporters said Tuesday

Hiranuma, 67, fell ill Dec. 6 while dining with other lawmakers in Tokyo and was diagnosed with a mild stroke, the supporters said at a news conference in his Okayama Prefecture district.

He still has difficulty walking and eating, and will not return to politics before late March at the earliest, they said.
How could the family manage to hide this through New Years without collusion from journalists--and not even necessarily friendly journalists? How did folks in Okayama making their New Year rounds knock on the Hiranuma door, get told "Uh, Takeo-san's not in right now" and not ask when he would be in?

Now we know - a Diet member could expire when the Diet is not in session and no one would be the wiser until the Speaker called the House to order two months later.

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