Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shadenfreude: I'm so happy to see you so unhappy

Fuji Television executives are shocked and saddened by the allegations made against Livedoor. They are almost certain they will have to abandon the share exchange agreed upon last year as the price for Livedoor's ending its takeover bid for Nippon Hoso.

The Fuji guys (and they are all guys--curiously tanned and understressed) would be crying rivers if they were not so busy dancing about with glee.

As for the interactions between the timing of the raid and the news broadcasts on NHK, the story grows ever more peculiar. NHK was tipped off so far in advance it began broadcasting news of the raid an hour and a half before it began. The 5 p.m. news broadcast began with a description of the prosecutors entering the Livedoor offices at 4:30 p.m.

Unfortunately, no such raid had yet taken place.

NHK's false report, of course, made it possible for all the other networks and news organizations to sprint into action and encircle Roppongi Hills with live cameras, crews and reporters in time to catch the real raid at 6:30.

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